What is Infant Massage?

Infant Massage is an ancient tradition in many cultures which has been re discovered recently in the West. For hundreds of years many other cultures have been massaging their babies as part of their daily routine. Research shows that loving, touching, and nurturing contact between caregivers and infants has a major impact on their development.

Massage Strokes for Little Folks offers Infant Massage for parents /carers and babies up 9 months old. It was established by Triona Webb in 2010.

With 30 years practice as a Paediatric Staff Nurse in a range of disciplines from Paediatric Cardiology to Children’s Accident and Emergency Departments and latterly in Neonatal Nursing, her career has provided her with a wealth of experience in understanding the needs of parents and their infants.

This has not been limited purely to their medical needs. Frequently problems such as colic, constipation, sleeping patterns – (or lack thereof!) – led to her guiding parents in a range of management techniques.

Seeking to move away from a clinical environment she then took up a post as a family support worker which involved working with families and children from 0-4years of age and whilst in this employment she trained in Infant Massage obtaining Certification through the International Association for Infant Massage Instructors.

She has over 4 year’s experience of successfully delivering Infant Massage classes to a range of family members.
As a result over 200 families have benefited with more relaxed, placid and contented babies and parents.

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